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Adoptable Dogs

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Think you want to adopt a big boy? Well, here I am weighing in at 150 lbs! My name is Titus and I am a Dogo Argentino mix. Mixed with what you might ask? I don’t know but it was definitely something big! So you may be wondering how this gorgeous stud muffin ended up in a rescue. I mean, who wouldn’t want ME? Well, about a year ago, a rescuer spotted me in a field on the side of a busy road in the cold rain and mud. I had been there about a week and boy was I scared. But this rescuer had a lot of patience and eventually she got me into her car. Thank goodness! She took me to the vet to get my shots, a microchip and even had my frostbite treated. I got neutered too(that part I wasn’t so keen on). Then I was placed in a home where I really bonded with my foster mom. So now I know basic commands and am housebroken. I’m a huge lap dog, love car rides and snuggling with a blankie on the couch. I also love peanut butter sandwiches! So here’s the problem…like any good Dogo, I have prey drive. Strong prey drive…I killed a bunny. C’mon folks, dogs think bunnies are food! There are even commercial foods with rabbit in them! I was just cutting out the middle man! So, if you have bunnies or other little creatures as pets, you probably shouldn’t adopt me. The other thing is that I’m not a big fan of other dogs. That part we may be able to work on (no promises though) but if you’re just gonna throw me in with your other dogs, it might not work out so well. I’m good with people though and am really patient with kids! That counts, doesn’t it? So I guess my ideal home would be where I am the only dog and there are no other critters like bunnies around. I imagine cats would fall into that category too. If you want a dog that you are going to crate, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea either. Someone needs to take a chance on me because the rescue I am with is about to euthanize me. Lisa thought it was worth a shot to try and save my life. So e-mail Lisa right away at bluelionrescue@yahoo.com and she will contact the people deciding my fate.


Hello, dahling…my name is FiFi and I am oh so fabuleaux- that’s French for fabulous and it describes me perfectly. Hey, a girl has to know what she is and what she isn’t. I am around 1-2 yrs old. No one knows my exact birthdate but really age is just a number, don’t you think? I am a gorgeous (if I must say so myself) Bullmastiff. Currently, I am residing at a foster home in Louisiana where they just adore me and say that I am the single most affectionate dog they’ve ever met. I love people! I even love it when strangers pet me! What Bullmastiff can say THAT? I love to just follow my humans everywhere and of course, I’m a big lap dog so watch out if you’re sitting in the recliner- it better be sturdy- I’m 90-100 lbs! I’m also house trained and crate trained and for the most part, I do as I’m told. See? I told you I was fabulous! There’s just one teensy problem to disclose. Hey no one’s perfect- but I come pretty close! The issue is other dogs. I’m not a fan…at all. I know, I know, everyone tells me to look in the mirror and see that I too am a dog. But all I see is “fabulous” when I look in the mirror! So unfortunately for my foster parents, they have a high strung German Shepherd. UGH! So their home is totally NOT working out for “fabulous FiFi” and I need to find another place to go. Oh yes, they have tried some training but it’s not really working out. Aren’t there any homes out there who only want one dog??? I promise you will be impressed and won’t regret your decision to adopt the most fabulous FiFi.


Ugly Betty

Remember that blind date you were set up on where all they would tell you is she isn't much to look at but has a great personality? But then you really get to know her and you decide she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. Well I guess that’s me. So awhile back, I was in a shelter in California- just a pup with 2 cherry eyes- but I got the name “Ugly Betty.” Can you believe it???? Well, Lisa took me in and got my cherry eyes fixed and now I’m thinking I’m due for a name change to “Beautiful Betty”! I’m a Shar-Pei mix and I’m a dandy one if I must say so myself! I get along with other dogs and love to play. I have no bad habits- guess Lisa got ahold of me before any of those things could fester. I’ve never met a cat so I’m not sure how well that would go but I guess if you’re pretty experienced at introducing cats and dogs, that might work. So I’m spayed and up to date on shots. I’m not too bad on a leash but could definitely use a little work. I’m just trying to get where we’re going! I am one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet and I love everyone! So here’s the skinny…I’m looking for a new home with lots of love and attention. Really, how can you resist?




Ever heard the saying “great things come in small packages”? Well whoever thought of that was on some “special medication”! Has anyone ever gotten a Ferrari in a box from Tiffany’s? Heck no! Great things come in BIG packages- like ME! My name is Collins and I am a year old Landseer Newfoundland. So you may ask, “why would anyone give up a puppy Newfie”? You might want to sit down for this…they gave me up because I like to jump on people when I’m excited. Can you believe it? Puppies need t-r-a-i-n-i-n-g!!! How could they expect me to behave when they didn’t correct me when I misbehaved? Well, they didn’t pay much attention to me anyway so here at Blue Lion, I am getting LOTS of attention and Lisa and Vera have let me know that jumping on people is not acceptable. I’m still working on not humping (my other favorite pastime) any of the other dogs. Lisa doesn’t like it and neither do they. So now that I’m being taught the social niceties of life, let me tell you about myself. I get along great with all other dogs- don’t know about cats and I think I’m just a tad too big for small kids. I’m full of energy and don’t want to be given up again because I knocked over one of those little suckers. I love all people especially when they want to hug and kiss me and I would like to have that a lot! I would love to have someone who has the time to spend with me teaching me things but also just having a good time. If everyone works, then I’d like to have another big dog to play with while you are gone. So whaddya think? Who wants to adopt a high energy Newfie pup???? The line starts on the left.



I know you’re thinking “Whoa! That’s a big dog!” Well I am but I’m not THAT big- at least for an English Mastiff. Hi there- my name is Goliath, I’m 5 years old and looking for a home of my own. Oh, you can live there too. I guess I mean I want a family of my own. You see I was picked up as a stray in Kansas with an embedded collar in my neck and the flies had just about eaten me alive! And I was a little on the “slender” side if you know what I mean. So I ended up at the shelter where the people there took pretty good care of me. But they labeled me food aggressive- well, if you were half starved and suddenly someone put a steak in front of you, wouldn’t you be thinking “mine, mine mine”? That’s all it was- geez, people and their labels! So I’ve been at Blue Lion for a while now and Lisa feeds me every day so there’s no need to be food aggressive. She doesn’t feel any great need to stick her fingers in my food or hug me when it’s time to eat. Man, if you stuck your fingers in her food or hugged her while she ate, she’d punch you right in the nose! She says “if I give it to you, it’s yours. I’m not going to try and take it away. Well then- no worries and no food aggression. Anyway, I like to play fetch but don’t love to give up the ball so if you just throw another ball, I’ll drop the first one and go get the second one. Lisa has taken me on walks with other dogs and I acted like the perfect gentleman. I could use a little more leash training as I can pull pretty hard. But, hey, that’s something we can work on together- it’ll be a bonding experience. And I really do want to bond with a great family. I am neutered and don’t need tons of exercise. Lisa doesn’t know if I am housetrained since it seems I’ve lived outside my whole life- hence the embedded collar and fly strikes, but I’m not stupid so I should be fairly easy to train. I just want a chance to be the great dog that someone wants to keep forever.


I'm baaaaaack......
Yeah I was adopted last year by a really great couple who had another dog and we did great. Unfortunately my mom and dad split up and since he's a fireman working 24 hour shifts, he couldn't keep me. What a bummer- I was really loving having a home of my very own. But now I'm back at Blue Lion and looking again to get a FOREVER home. By the way, my dad said I had been a perfect dog during the year I was with him. Anyway, I thought I'd give you my previous bio since it worked to get me a home last year. Here it is:
So Lisa hasn’t really been into Boxers before but now that Vera is here and she loves our breed, Lisa’s open to having some of us around. Probably because we’re smushy faced and have Mastiff attitude. Anyway, my previous owner called and said that she had an aggressive boxer she needed to surrender. She had adopted me from a shelter years before and then told Vera that I had bitten her kid 4 years ago but they were only deciding to give me up now! She said I was getting progressively worse and she was afraid of me. LOL! I can’t believe she said all that nonsense about ME!! So Lisa and Vera told them to bring me down. My “dad” and his mom brought me down to Blue Lion. My own mother didn’t bother to come to see where I’d be living or say “goodbye.” When we got there Lisa walked right up to us and handed dad a clipboard with paperwork, told him to fill it out and give her the leash. She and Vera were going to take me for a walk. Whoa…they just took control right then and there. I was thinkin’ there’s a new sheriff in town! They brought me back to where my dad was standing and Lisa said “couldn’t you bring me a challenge? He’s a piece of cake!” She couldn’t believe that my mom was afraid of me. Anyway, I went into a kennel for a few days. The first time Lisa came in to feed me I barked at her. Well she just told me to knock it off. Can you believe it? This chick doesn’t kid around! And, believe me, I did quit barking. A few days later Lisa introduced me to Vera’s Boxer family and they were all great! I’ve been living inside with them in Vera’s house and we are just one big happy family. I even get to sleep in bed with everyone! And, unlike some others who shall remain nameless, I allow Vera to shift in bed and then settle down again around her. Those others wouldn’t move if a bomb hit the place! Vera says I am the best trained out of all her dogs. So here’s the basics about me: I’m 6 years old, neutered, I like most other dogs, including males unless they are really dominant although on this property that hasn’t worked out so well for me. We can forget the story of how I went after Mack, a big Tibetan Mastiff because I thought I was bigger and badder…that really wasn’t such a smart move on my part. A minor momentary lapse in judgment…. ? But, like I said, for the most part, I get along with most other dogs. I’m leash trained although sometimes I pull if you let me get away with it- hey, a guy has to try! I need a dominant owner- one who doesn’t let me get away with stuff. I’m an incredible guy and very loving- MUST love kisses! Vera said she will only adopt me out to a family with older kids or no kids and it has to be the perfect home for me. So all you people out there that want a perfect Boxer (and who doesn’t???), contact Lisa and we’ll get this party started.



Ever hear the saying “good things come in small packages”? Well that describes me! I’m a big ass 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux in a medium sized package which indicates to me that I may be of “mixed heritage.” No matter- I have a giant personality! My name is Roxy and Lisa thinks one of my parents may have been the “energizer bunny” because I have TONS of energy. So let me tell you my story…I was adopted out of a shelter to 2 people who weren’t exactly rocket scientists. They had another dog and we were just fine until they just left a bunch of treats and bones on the living room floor. The other dog and I got into a fight and the girlfriend decided she was going to break it up and got bitten. How smart do you have to be to know that putting your hands near snapping jaws is NOT a good idea? Needless to say, they gave up on me right away and I landed back in the shelter. Luckily they didn’t put me to sleep like so many do when a dog is returned. So they filled out the surrender form and here are some of their comments: “Slowly responding well to training but it’s just not working out.” I was there for a WEEK! Maybe his girlfriend should take the hint and realize this guy isn’t into “commitment.” He admits he did nothing to curb my behavior- no talking to trainers, behaviorists or ANYONE about how exactly to work with me to be the perfect dog. NOPE! Just dumped me off at the shelter. And in response to the question “Is she housetrained?”, he says “sort of”. Well, either I am or I’m not- there’s no “sort of” about it! But let’s just leave the idiots behind us and focus on getting someone with a triple digit IQ to adopt me. So I lived with a dog and a cat before the rocket scientists so it is possible for me to get along although I am picky about my friends. I have to admit I am a total food whore so it’s not suggested that you throw treats around the room or leave bones around so we can “share.” Sharing ain’t gonna happen! Since I am crate trained, you can put me in a crate and give me a bone in there. See how easy that is? A little training with me would probably go a long way…a lot of exercise too! I’ll bet I could run a marathon! Lisa and Vera take me out to the “back 40” and hit tennis balls way out into the field for me to fetch. That is a lot of fun! And I’ll bet I will sure be better behaved if I am exercised and tired. I know it’s a new concept for some…So who wants to take on Foxy Roxy?????? I guarantee you won’t be sorry!


As the old Dusty Springfield song goes, “I only wanna be with you.” Yep that about sums it up! Lisa calls it “needy” but I prefer the term “attached.” My name is Onyx and I am a 2 year old Cane Corso. I have had a heck of a time in my short life! I was confiscated from a home in California with 10 puppies and I was only 10 months old! I had been hit by a car and my leg was broken in 2 places. Luckily, a rescue in CA paid beaucoup bucks for the surgery to fix my leg. I get along fine but walk a little gimpy- especially when I’m tired. (It’s never really bad though!) Then they asked Cane Corso Rescue to take all of us but they didn’t have a foster who could take 11 dogs all at once. Soooooooo…Liz called Lisa and she said we could come here. We came on a transport all the way from sunny California to Colorado. Thank goodness it was in the summer because it sure was a shock to hit winter around this place! But I digress….Lisa put the pups and I in this huge exercise ring so we could all stay together. Now, I’m not gonna lie- I was pretty protective of those babies so I was going all “bad ass” on Lisa and Vera for awhile. After a day or so, Lisa wasn’t falling for it. It’s a good thing because she had to come in there to feed us! After being here for a few weeks, Lisa took me away from the puppies- they were driving me crazy! As soon as I was away from them I turned into the sweetheart that I actually am. Cut to the present…all the pups have been adopted and now I want a home too. I would love someone who is home all the time and wants to be with me. But if you’ve got to leave, I am crate trained and will wait for you to come home. You can’t leave me out in the yard because I will dig out to try and find you. I’m keeping it real folks- I believe in full disclosure. So let’s talk about why you want me! I’m spayed, crate trained, leash trained and housetrained. You will never find anyone who loves you as much as I will and, like any good Corso, I will protect you too. I get along fine with other dogs but have no idea about those other four leggeds -affectionately called cats. I am a great dog if I must say so myself and just want to be loved by a forever family.


WILL WORK FOR FOOD! And I would LOVE to have a food paying job! I love food and I love to work. Of course if you’re gonna have me run with you as you’re training for a marathon, I would probably consider that “work” too! You could have your own personal trainer living with you! My name is Sketti and I’m a heeler mix who has lots of energy and needs tons of exercise. I will need a house and a fenced in yard- preferably large. Don’t be putting me in no condo! I’ll go crazy! J I am very sweet, neutered, housetrained, leash trained and crate trained. I get along with other dogs and even cats! I know some basic commands and a few tricks. I am a real lover when it comes to my humans and Vera says I’m the best bed sleeper she’s ever known! (and she’s known a few…4 leggeds I mean) I’m only around 15 months old so we could live a really long life together. Whaddya say? Let’s go running!


My name is Luna and have I got a story to tell…Somehow I ended up in a shelter in Texas. Lisa was called and told that there was a Cane Corso in the shelter with a broken leg. Well Lisa is an obvious sucker for a dog in need so she called our friend Curtis to go see me. Obviously he liked me so he got me outta that place and took me to boarding til I could get to Colorado. I was one of the favorites at the boarding facility and they took great care of me taking me to the vet and stuff. Then a friend of Curtis’ named Kathleen offered to drive me all the way to Colorado! Now, Kathleen is a cat person so this was big for her! But I rode in the car like the wonderful girl I am- hey, I loved this adventure! Lisa got me to the vet and took care of my leg and got me spayed. I’m totally fine now and looking for a home of my own that has at least a 6’ fence. I am around 5 years old and up to date on shots. I am high energy so I want to play and get exercise before settling in to watch a movie. I sound great don’t I? There’s one little thing…I am a super dominant female ( I know it’s a shock for a female Corso to be dominant- ha!ha!) so I really need to be the only dog as I will bully someone else. Cats probably won’t work either. But once you’re done playing with me, you won’t have any more energy to entertain another dog! I will give you so much lovin that you’ll never look elsewhere.



Well if I’m not the ray of sunshine you need in your life, I don’t know what is! I’m Betsy and I’m a 6 year old English Mastiff. Somehow I ended up in a shelter in Texas. Since I was such a good girl they adopted me out. But I got a cyst on the side of my body and they returned me! Can you believe that? Talk about lack of commitment! I’d hate to be one of their kids and stub my toe! Anyway, the shelter removed the cyst and all was well. Well except for my voluptuous shape! They called me obese but that’s such a negative word don’t you think? So I ended up at Blue Lion and was put on a DIET. I’ve lost a lot of weight and even I have to admit I look much better. Goodbye Rosie O’Donnell…hello Halle Berry! Can you say “svelte”? So I’m not big on other dogs- I do get a bit like Vera- everything is “mine, mine, mine!” I’m a typical Mastiff- a little energy and lots of naps. Sound good to you? Contact Lisa so we can get together and I can go home with you!



Who needs expensive facial cleanser when you have ME? I’m a kissing fool! My name is Ginger and I’m a 9 year old brindle Boxer. Like many of you, I don’t act my age at all. I may be old in dog years but I feel like I’m a pup! So here’s the info about me…unlike some of the other dogs around here and I’m not mentioning any names, I get along with all other dogs! And my most favorite thing in the world is to go for car rides! The car doesn’t have to actually be moving- just sitting in the car works for me! I used to escape Vera’s fence which to be honest, is only around 4’ tall just so I could go sit in the car. I love people and am happy all the time! Vera calls me wiggle butt because it’s not just my tail that wiggles- it’s my entire back end! So if you’re up for taking on a girl with no issues, I’m the one you want. Now let’s get that makeup off of you….:)


I know you want me, I know you want me, I know you want ME!!!! I’m Lyla and I’m a South African Boerboel. I’m 7 years old and would love a great home of my own. Like most Boerboels, I need a strong owner. Once I know we are a pack, I’ll be very affectionate and playful. I get along with other dogs too as long as we are introduced properly. Really, truth be told, I have no “issues” except for prey drive (no small animals please!) I’m just about perfect! My previous owner didn’t appreciate the perfection he had in his house because he got in a lot of trouble and went to jail for a long time. That’s how I ended up at Blue Lion. I live with a crazy Cane Corso so when people come over, I just let him act like the bad ass he thinks he is and stand by and watch people’s reactions! Makes me laugh every time! I have lots of energy and love to run so maybe I could find an active home without small kids? But do your research about Boerboels to see if I am the right fit for you. I am a guardian breed!


Yep, I’m all that and a jar of peanut butter as Vera likes to say. I’m Thor and I’m a Mastiff mix. Mixed with what you ask? Don’t know…my daddy was on the lam….Anyway, Vera was out in California picking up some dogs from shelters and she was asked to take me too. The shelter people said I was going to be put down that day if Vera couldn’t take me. Well, Vera wasn’t about to let that happen so she loaded me up and here we are. I’m a really sweet guy with a few “quirks.” First I don’t like other dogs. Probably no cats either. Second I dig which is great if you need a grave digger but not so much if you’re trying to keep me contained. I escaped once from the enclosure I was in and Lisa found me sitting right outside the fence. I wasn’t trying to run away- it’s just that fencing looks like jail to me which brings back memories of “we are going to put him down if you don’t take him.” So if you decide that you just can’t live without this handsome hunk of a boy, I’m going to suggest that for the times that you are gone and can’t take me with you, you put up a kennel with fencing on the ground (with dirt over it) so I can’t dig. That’s what Lisa did and I haven’t escaped since. Of course when you’re home I want to be inside with you. We could hang out and watch football and eat brats….I’d even watch girlie stuff if I have to but don’t mind me if I fall asleep watching something like figure skating. Lisa’s working with me on leash training but I’m a powerhouse so I really need a strong owner. The best thing about me aside from the fact that I’m so darn handsome is that I love people! Older kids would probably be really cool too! Give me a chance to be the dog you’ve always wanted. I won’t disappoint you!



Forget Wayne’s World- welcome to Wembley’s World! Hi there- I’m Wembley and I’m a young Cane Corso. My girlfriend and I were in a home where we weren’t treated very nicely. The neighbors called the authorities and our owner was given the choice of surrendering us to the shelter or face charges of abuse and neglect. Luckily, he chose to give us up. So here we were, just 2 youngsters (I was only around 6 months old) stuck in a shelter. Like all good Cane Corsos, I let my displeasure be known by growling. So the shelter decided we were too vicious to adopt out! LOL- what a joke! We were just scared to death! Someone contacted Lisa and she came to get us. She was like a tall glass of sweet tea on a really hot day- just what the doctor ordered! We weren’t scared anymore- she took over and let us know everything was going to be ok. So I’m a little shy but I am a sweetheart!!!! I get along with other dogs- especially the girls. I do like my food too so feed us separately or I will try and steal theirs too! I’m a really big boy and would love to have a new home with people who are going to love me and take really good care of me. Will that be you?


So I know Emma’s been talking about me so I may as well introduce myself. I’m the infamous Meathead and I’m an American Bulldog mix. Does the name make sense now? So blah, blah, blah about how we were abandoned and such and the fact that I was stealing Emma’s food. She’s such a whiney baby. Not me! I’m on to bigger and better things. I’m still pretty young and have my whole life ahead of me- I’m not gonna focus on the past and be all needy like Emma. I’m only around 2 years old, up to date on shots and neutered. I want a home with someone who is pretty active and will play ball with me. I’ll even go running with you if you want. Then we can pig out on the sofa and watch tv. Sound good? I would prefer to be the only dog but if you have another like sized dog and are willing to feed us separately I could probably deal with that. Since I fancy myself a ladies man, I would only want to be paired with a female. And I suspect cats would be a no-no. Now I’m not positive on that but I’m just sayin’….Since Lisa doesn’t know if I was raised with little kids, she’s putting the kibosh on that too. Better safe than sorry she always says…So all you people who want a handsome dude to go do stuff with? I’m your man- contact Lisa about me.

Mugsy Mugsy
OK so if I’m not the cat’s “meow” I don’t know who is! My name is Mugsy and I’m looking for new digs where I can get a nice meal, maybe go for a run with my new person and lay on the couch watching movies with my stuffed toy. Sound like fun to you? Yeah, I thought so. So here’s the deal and this is why you want me…I’m leash, house and crate trained. As if that’s not enough, I’ll cuddle and kiss and you can even dress me up! I’ll even protect the house. Heck I can even dance! How many guys can say THAT? And I like kids and car rides. I just want to be with you and hang out. I know you’re saying “OMG, Mugs (that’s what my friends call me) with all that going for you, why do you need a new home?” Well, my mom helps a ton of rescues and fosters dogs til they find their forever homes and, at first it was cool and everything but then I got a little tired of the parade of dogs coming and going. So I started showing my displeasure by fighting with the other dogs in the house. Not all the time- just occasionally but my mom doesn’t trust me anymore around the other dogs. And to be truthful, I’d like to score a home where I’m the only pet. Now don’t get me wrong, I can go for walks, hikes, and runs and meet other dogs and I’m fine with that. Just don’t bring them home to live with us and we’ll be cool. Now, to give my mom the credit she deserves, she did take me to training and all that happy stuff but I let her know I wanted to move on. It’s breaking her heart but she knows I’ll be a lot happier. I know it too. So let the line start to the right and e-mail Lisa so we can get this rehoming party started!
Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?" Here I am-just look down! Granted I'm not as big as some of the megatron dogs here at Blue Lion, but hey, I personally think it's not what you got but how well you use it. I know I'm bigger than any ...other dog on the property -- I am just in a more compact package. Lisa saw my pic on FB when I was in a shelter and she said "I gotta have that guy!" As soon as I was available, Lsa had me sprung from that jail. A friend of hers babysat me until I could get on a transport to CO.
So now I'm here and I think I'm ready to find a new gig. I've got everything here pretty well whipped into shape and am ready to run a house of my own. I'm a dog whose comfortable in his own skin and I expect my new person to be comfortable in theirs. You gotta know who you are and be able to work with that, right? All righty then, let's get started.
Now, about my name, I gotta tell you, when they first told me my name is Romeo, I was like ... come on Lisa, you can do better than that. Why are you naming me after some pansy a$$ teenager who couldn't catch a break with his girlfriend. Then I decided, OK, I'll be your Romeo and I am going to totally redefine that name and build my own role in history.
See, first off, I'm more handsome than any other Romeo could ever be or has ever been. Check out the picture, right? I do not lie. I am an English Bulldog/Boxer cross. Now I personally think that cross brings the best of both breeds into an amazing dog ... I'm not bragging, I'm just keepin it real and telling you like it is. You do need to know that I am very high energy and LOVE people! I just can't get enough love! If you want a sweetie who will go for a walk or just play in the yard with you and then settle in and watch the game or a good movie, I'm your guy. Once I have some exercise, I calm down and like to sit in your lap or cuddle up ... I am one heck of a terrfic TV pillow!
Lisa said to tell you that I really pull on the leash when we go for a walk. I told her we didn't need to tell you folks that because we wanted to find me a new home but she insisted we tell you guys everything. So then the Akita woman suggested that I come and spend some time with her in boot camp and learn some basic obedience stuff, and so the jury's still out whether I am going to go TDY to the Akita folks to learn social skills or what.
Now, I know it will amaze you to hear that sometimes I can be a little dominant. But really, that only happens if someone acts like they think they're more than me. Ain't gonna happen. As long as everyone understands how cool I am, we have tranquility in the yard. There are some really big dogs here and that took a little getting used to, but I think I've got them all whipped into shape now. Here at Blue Lion, I'll run up to the other fences and act like I'm all big and bad but if the dogs in those fences don't really care, I back off. I mean where's the fun in trying to stir things up if the other guy won't even come to the fence to talk a little trash.
Give me a call, drop me a note, let's chat about how I can fill that void in your life.
Mr. B
Mr. B
My name is Baron but you can call me MR B! As you can see, I am a gorgeous Dogue de Bordeaux -- fo those of you who don't speak French, loosely translated that is "beautiful, big a$$ dog with a French accent" ... oh hell yes, I can bark in several different languages. I am as talented as I am handsome.
Like all the dogs here at Blue Lion, I'm from somewhere else and I have a story to tell. My story isn't as awful as some, but it wasn't much of a fun life. I just sat tied in a dumpy back yard and they "sorta" fed me when the felt like it, and that wasn't often. So I lived in a dirty yard and wore this filty dirt encusted collar and was slowly starving to death. One day I thought ... "hmmmm... I wonder what this rope tastes like" ... so I commenced to munch on the rope and I have to tell you, it did NOT taste good but it also wasn't very sturdy. So I was bored and hungry and I munched away on my rope and -- as we say in France -- "WA LAH!" The rope was now just a little piece hanging from my dirty collar. It occurred to me that somewhere in this neighborhood somebody might have food and so of course, I fired up the turbos and left that yard far behind me.
It's probably no surprise that two things happened -- very shortly I was picked up as a stray and was taken to the dog jail. I have to say it was cleaner than my yard and I had food and water, so compared to where I came from, it was like staying at the Hilton. It never occurred to me that the people where I had been (I will NEVER call them "my family") did not come to get me. They never loved me and I don't know why they ever got me in the first place. So my "owner reclaim" period came and went and I got lucky because Lisa at Blue Lion said I could come here and wait while I find a real home.
The down side to that was that I was on a different side of the country, but there were good people at the shelter and they hooked me up with a foster home until I could catch a ride to Colorado. While I was in the foster home I became acquainted with the concept of a bath. OMG that is like heaven. Clean at last, thank God I am clean at last! What a wonderful feeling!
So here I am at Blue Lion, ready to come and be your best boy ever! I've got a great attitude and I am a handsome guy with a serious approach to taking care of my family and their stuff.
There are a couple of little details you need to know. First, when I come into your life, you absolutely ain't gonna need any other dogs, so my agreement with you is that I will be an only dog. Second -- a couple of people have inquired as to whether I like cats? Honey, if I don't want to live with another dog, hello, why would you think I would want to live with a CAT for heaven's sake? Exactly. CATS? OK, I've got a point for you to ponder regarding me and a cat ... it's pretty basic, but try to keep up. Here we go, ponder this: "Tastes Like Chicken" ... if you got me at your house, you don't need no cats or other dogs.
Good. So get in touch with Lisa and let her know she needs to hook you up with Mr B. You won't regret it.
Well, hey there! I’m Leo the Neo! “Catchy” isn’t it? I am a tawny Neapolitan Mastiff, just in case you couldn’t figure that out! So let me tell you how I ended up at Blue Lion…One day Lisa gets an e-mail from another rescue friend saying that I am in a shelter. Lisa goes to meet me and asks how I ended up there (I was wondering the same thing, truth be told). They said that my owners only used me for breeding purposes, which in my mind wasn’t such a bad thing, but they told the shelter that I “turned” on the wife. The shelter people also said that I had been there for awhile and they thought I was one of the nicest dogs they had ever had there. I was good in the kennel and didn’t go all “neo” on them when they walked by or took me out to play in the exercise yard. I was even good when it came to putting me back in the kennel! What does THAT tell you? (hint, hint: I’m a great guy) So Lisa brought me to Blue Lion. In the beginning I was kinda scared when Lisa would come up to me in my kennel so I would lay down on the ground submissively and (OOPS!) I would pee all over myself. But Lisa would just sit down with me and rub my belly and tell me everything was ok and to not be scared. I wasn’t scared of being here- it’s just that my previous owner wasn’t very nice and I was scared of another woman taking care of me. Cut to the present- I’m all over that now! I am a really happy guy and not afraid of women anymore. My previous people said that I’m 7 years old but Lisa doesn’t believe it any more than she believes I “turned” on my owner. She said 7 year old Neos are mellow folks and I’m full of energy! I live with a female Mastiff and, at first, I would fight to get both bowls of food but Lisa nipped that behavior in the bud. She’s such a stickler about rules! But if you decide you just have to have me and you have another dog, I’m gonna suggest that you feed us separately- just in case I have a momentary lapse in judgment. J I am really friendly and love all the people that come to see me. I would love a “forever” home where I can just be spoiled which is what I should have had in my first home. Since I’m now neutered, my previous “job” is now a thing of the past. No more making babies. Since I am a Neo I do need a strong leader as my owner because we Neos will take over if you don’t have that “top spot” secure. Lisa thinks that’s a bad thing. Me? Not so sure…we could get into a lot of trouble if I’m the boss! That doesn’t have anything to do with me- all Neos are like that! So why don’t you contact Lisa to see about giving me a new home where I can give you all the love you would ever need. Believe me, I’m worth it!


So check me out… do I look like a friggin’ Mastiff to you??? No, I didn’t think so. Let me introduce myself… My name is Louie and, just in case you’re wondering, I’m a Bassett Hound. So you might be asking “Louie, what are you doing at Blue Lion?” Believe me, I was asking myself the same thing when I first got here. Here’s the story…I was with Bassett Hound Rescue and I flunked all of the foster homes they put me in. I’ve had a problem with me opening my mouth and putting your body part in it. It’s called “biting syndrome.” You see, I think I’m pretty special- I mean, really, I’ve seen myself in the mirror and I am one handsome fella. Anyway, no one bothered to let me know that I really wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. I thought I ran the show and needed to put others- both people and dogs, in their place. So the people at Bassett Hound Rescue didn’t have any foster homes left for me to wreak havoc on and they didn’t want to put me down (I’m only 2 years old for goodness’ sakes!) so they contacted Lisa to see if she could work with me. So one day Lisa picked me up and I just pranced on over to her car like the prince that I am, got in, and we were off. After what seemed like an eternity in the car, we arrived at Blue Lion. I looked around and saw the most enormous dogs in the world! Have you been here??? I thought I was big but these dogs give a whole new meaning to the word! Then Lisa took me into her front fence where there were like 20 big dogs wanting to sniff my privates. They were all pretty cool and so was I- I know when I’m outnumbered! I got to come in the house and hang with everyone. They all respected Lisa as the boss so I was thinkin’ she might not be the person to mess with. One day I raised my lip at a Cane Corso and do you know what he said to me? “You’re like a mosquito, little guy- go away or I’ll hurt you. Whoa… no one had ever talked to me like that before! I backed right down and we’ve been fine ever since. One night I misbehaved and Lisa took me right down on the floor. On the way down, the “biting syndrome” almost took hold but I thought better of that- she doesn’t look like the kind of person who is going to take kindly to getting bitten. So when she got me acting right in the house, she put me with Dharma- the enforcer. She’s famous here and she is one big mama! She probably weighs 180 lbs! After alpha rolling me a few times, I figured out the program- Dharma always eats first. I don’t even look at her food and whatever Dharma wants, Dharma gets. I’m not about to argue with her. Heck, she could just sit on me and I’d be toast.
So now that I’ve been taught how to behave, I’m looking for a new home. I do need a person who is a pack leader and willing to put me in my place if need be. If you have another dog, it should be one who is dominant and not willing to take any of my superior attitude. I was being truthful when I say I am a big Bassett Hound. I am a big lover and am happy sitting on the couch watching television with you. I am housetrained, crate trained and neutered. What more could you want? I’ve been through a lot in my young life- now I’d like a place I can call “home.”

ADOPTED! Bertie, Daisy, Kramer, Lou
Available: Al, Avis, Della, Delta

So my brothers and sisters and I all arrived at Blue Lion in November after the puppy mill we lived at was shut down. Thank you God! As you can imagine, none of us was socialized or had any training. The puppy miller told Lisa that she loved us so much and wanted her to find us wonderful homes. Blah, blah, blah… Lisa didn’t believe it any more than we did. So here we are and we do get lots of attention from Lisa and the people who come to visit. So, let me introduce myself… my original name was Al but Lisa didn’t like it so she named me Chaney. It’s not like I ever answered to the name ‘Al” so it was no big deal to change it. Lisa has nicknamed me “wild thing.” I’m just a happy guy with lots of energy … and NO training. I don’t know what’s right or what’s wrong! I need to be taught these things. It’s probably a lot easier to do that when we’re just puppies but, like I said before, we came from a puppy mill. Our only skillset up til now has been breeding but that’s no longer an option if you know what I mean… We have to learn something new! That’s where YOU come in… we all (And I mean ALL- there’s nine of us) need new homes with people willing to invest some time in training. Picture it- you and I go to training at the local Petsmart where all the other dogs are little “feeder” dogs. I let out a big “woof!” and scare the bejeezus out of everyone. You and I are laughing our tails off while the other people are peeing their pants! It would be a “bonding” moment- one we’ll still be talking about when we’re old and gray, sitting on the porch talking about the good ole days. Wouldn’t that be fun??? C’mon, you KNOW you want to do it!
Anyway, we’re all sweet and loving although everyone, except me, is a little shy at first. Me? I’m ready for anything! I’m not your typical Neo- as I said I have a lot of energy and could definitely do some hiking and hard playing. The others? Not so much… They are more your typical laid back Neo. In my opinion, I can be fat and lazy when I’m old! I’m a spring chicken and want some adventure! You’ll have to get me a chain leash as I think it’s fun to chew through the nylon ones. Sometimes I like to play tug of war with you- your shirt, I mean, while you’re still in it! Lisa tells me I need to curb my enthusiasm sometimes… Ok, enough about just me- although I could go on for hours telling you my attributes and how you want to adopt me. We all get along with opposite sex dogs but Sage, Delta and I are food aggressive so we would need to be fed separately. We are all neutered and spayed and up to date on shots. So here’s a little bit about the others…Delta (DOB 11-13-07) will eat anything and everything so she can’t have rope toys, blankies etc. What the heck is wrong with her- doesn’t she know she could get a tummy ache or worse- barf??? Yuck! She also likes to knock over her water bucket when she gets excited. Can you say “OCD”??? Sage (DOB 2-20-07) and Bertie (DOB 7-28-09) are the most shy out of all of us but warm up really quickly and are real lovebugs. Bertie loves her rubber balls and usually is running around with one in her mouth. She even fetches- what does she think she is- a retriever? And she even drops the ball at your feet! If it were me, I’d make you work to get that ball out of my mouth! But then again, I wouldn’t be fetching. Daisy (DOB 7-16-08) is like an ambassador. She has gotten into other fences with dogs who hate most other dogs and they are totally fine with her! It’s like she’s telling them “how could you not love ME????” And they DO love her! Lou (DOB 11-04-05) has a little limp on the front leg but is really a good guy. I think he’s Lisa’s favorite- she’s always hugging and kissing him. What’s THAT about? He’s got a big head, droopy eyes and goes nowhere fast. He just sort of lumbers around. And Lisa loves him to death. I don’t understand it- it’s like having a crush on John Candy instead of Brad Pitt (moi, of course!). But, I guess there’s no accounting for taste. Kramer is really nice too but not exactly a rocket scientist. Wait- Lisa says that about me too! He might also have some hip dysplasia but he gets around fine. Avis (DOB 2-20-07) and Della are both tawny colored girls and have similar personalities- really nice and loving. They love to play too. Hopefully, they don’t fetch- that’s an insult to the Neo breed. Hear that Bertie?
So everyone, all we need are 9 good people willing to give us the first homes we’ve ever had and do some training with us and we will give you the greatest love you’ve ever known. Guaranteed!!!!
Sweetie Sweetie

Hi, I'm Sweetie and I think just MAYBE my life has (finally) found a "happily ever after." Talking to the other dogs here at Blue Lion (holy cow, these guys put the B in BIG!) I'm feeling more secure than I have ever felt before in my life.

My life. Well today is 4/24/10 and my milk is almost dried up but I have no clue where my babies are. They probably died and I just pray their few days or hours of life went quickly and that they didn't suffer.

I sit with a full belly in a warm bed and watch the rain outside and listen to the wind. I think about my life. Maybe after you read my story you can come visit me and help me understand.

I don't know why those people tied me to a tree and left me. I have always tried to be a good dog. I was a ratty, skinny dog but I was loyal to my people. I could have chewed though my tie, but I was trained to wait for my person to come for me. I believed they would come and help me. Surely they didn't intend to just leave me there. I was tied to that tree for three days. No food, no water. People saw me and they just passed on by. Some of them even had dogs. How could people see me tied there day after day, but just keep walking by like I was just so much trash in the park ... how could they do that and then say they love animals?

But that was only the beginning. After waiting in the heat of the Texas days and the nights all alone, I laid down. I knew I was going to die and I figured my babies were already dead. I was so weak, but the worst was yet to come. Some high school age kids came by and they came over. I raised my head because I thought they were going to help me. No help. Turns out they just wanted to watch me die and see maybe how much pain I could take before I died.

Then it began. They began to stone me. Yes they hit me with rocks, bottles, bricks, sticks, whatever they could find. And they kept hitting me. And laughing, and jeering at me as I tred to get away from the hail of pain. I wonder if any of these kids believe in God? I hope they don't live with pets. My God, I just wanted to die so that I couldn't feel the pain anymore. I had done nothing wrong, I had hurt no one. Why would they do this to me?

And the stoning continued with a hailstorm of pain. Some of the braver ones came and kicked me. Yes, it takes a real man to kick a dog that is tied without food or water and can no longer stand. They must be very proud of themselves. And it didn't stop, and I closed my eyes so I couldn't see what they were doing to me. But I could still hear the laughter and jeers. Some people passed on by on their way somewhere. They looked the other way like they didn't see what was happening. I lay there and waited for it to be over and hoped God would let me die soon. Houston Tx, I hope you are proud of your teens and their values. What kind of homes do these children come from? My God I wanted it to be over.

See the thing about stoning a living being is that it is a process more than an event. A bullet in the head is an event. I was in bad condition when my owner abandoned me but after being left tied without food or water for 3 days I was weakened. I could not have run away if they had let me loose. The stoning first caused me pain, and the accumulation continued to cause increasing agony, and would eventually culminate in death after destroying tissue and breaking bones. But there was an intervention and the children were unable to continue their horrific game. A woman saw and was unable to just ignore what was happening. She stormed up and challenged my attackers, and of course they ran. Cowards always run, even in Texas.

So the lady rescued me and took me back to her apartment and took care of me. I thought I was safe, but I was wrong. She rescued me. But she couldn't keep me. A plea went out for help or I would have to go to the animal shelter. Blue Lion stepped up and brought me here to Colorado. I have good food and good shelter with kind hands to care for me. I have good medical care and I am being treated for Heartworm as I am Heartworm positive. But the important thing is that I am safe and have friends to visit and life is better now than it ever has been. But I would really like to find a home where I will be loved and cared for and maybe even get a toy or two at Christmas. Is that a lot to ask? I don't know. What do you think?
Well, I am Greta the Presa Canario and I'm probably about 5 years old now. I'm a sweetie with my people but I am definitely a Presa and I am a dominant girl. I will do best as an only dog and my person needs to have an assertive personality and some exeprience with breeds like mine. I have so much potential to be the dog you will remember as the best dog you ever had -- I just need to find that special person who will appreciate me for who I am but help me know they are my leader. I'm hoping you will come visit me and give us a chance. Please?

I came from a shelter in Kansas where a breeder dumped a whole litter of us and that little shelter had no clue what we were and adopted us out ... and so then when we started growing up people brought us back to the shelter and most of us ended up at Blue Lion.


Yo people! I’m growing old here waiting for a new home! Tick tock, tick tock, time’s a wastin’! What are you waiting for? My name is Trudy and I am a mahogany Neapolitan Mastiff. I am nearly 5 years old and have never had a home of my own. I came to Blue Lion from a puppymill way back in 2009 and I'm still here! Waiting and waiting for someone to pick ME! All my brothers and sisters were adopted and even some of our parents but geesh...what's a girl gotta do to get a home? So let me tell you about me and we'll see if we can finally get this done. I'm kinda shy but a real lover when I get to know you. Except for not liking other dogs, I'm an easy keeper! Since I'm not exactly graceful , I would probably knock over small children and their running around might scare me a little so I'd do best with older patient kids or no kids at all. Now I'm not gonna lie, you're going to have to teach me to be the dog you want but I really want to please you so I can keep my forever home. I'd be happy just hanging out with you! How easy is that? Whaddya say????

I'm Bertha ... and no, I'm not one of the infamous Butt Sisters ... I'm Bertha the Presa Canario and it should tell you something when I tell you that the best day of my life was the day I was removed from my home because of neglect. The officers came and got me and I thought "Well, things have got to get better because at least I'm maybe not going to be bred again, or at least maybe not right away soon."

I had these awful bite wounds on my legs and head and the Humane Society was really worried about how to treat me ... me being one of those big bad Presa Canarios they write stories about and all, doncha know. So I just went belly up and asked for a good rub -- I figured "what the hell, if you're afraid to dress my wounds, maybe you'll rub my tummy." Well, that worked and, in fact, the people at the Humane Society were totally won over and were lining up to figure out how to help old Bertha get the hell outta Dodge.

So, long story short, I'm about 7 years old. I'm now spayed and healthy. I ADORE PEOPLE, SIMPLY ADORE THEM. I get alone fine with other dogs but I am a little OCD about being the teacher's monitor -- so when the alpha person at the house feels a need to correct any of the other dogs, I'm really big on being right there to provide back up because there is absolutely no way anybody is going to do anything stupid with my new meal ticket. Ain't gonna happen.

So, if you don't have any other dogs, or if you're good with having a big pretty girl watch your back and help you maintain order at your house ... you come on down to Blue Lion and tell Lisa that you have an appointment to meet Bertha. I'm waiting for you and ain't nobody gonna ever treat you as good as Bertha. I guarantee it.
Well, here I am again. People are such putzy creatures, I swear to you. OK, here's the deal. I'm Beefy and I'm a Mastiff Wannabe. I came to Blue Lion about 3 years ago and we all thought I was a Mastiff ... but then I quit growing at about 55 pounds (so would that make me the world's only Mini Mastiff??). So then I was adopted.

I went to a family that I just adored and I thought they liked me too. I got along fine with their other dog and with the new baby, but then they didn't crate me and I was a typical puppy and I felt it was important to add a few of my own designer touches to their house. Boy that did create a real stir with them. You cannot imagine how upset thse folks were ... and honestly, if they would have put me in a crate when they went out, it would never have happened. What the heck do people expect? I'm a dog, not a preschooler for heaven's sake!

So, long story short, here I am back at Blue Lion chasing my tail and waiting for someone with some common sense to come visit me. So ... I'm neutered, very friendly, about 3 years old, nobody has taught me much of anything and I would love to get some obedience training cuz I'm a real little smarty pants. I'm hanging in a kennel with Clare Bear who is a dog woman who knows her own mind ... and her mind is that she is gonna run things. OK, I like an assertive woman, and I can deal with that. She eats first and my bowl is next to hers but I like to let the old girl think she's really in charge, so I wait until she's done and there's always plenty left for me. I'm not currently housebroken but I swear to you it's only because nobody was willing to take the time to teach me ... I'll learn PDQ if you give me a chance.

Come on out to Blue Lion and let's discuss how I can add that special something to your life and you can take me home and we can be a happy family. Come on and meet me .. don't forget .. ask for BEEFY.
Well hello there ... I'm Ms Cricket and I'm a Pit/Boxer mix. I ended up in rescue because I don't like children (nobody has ever asked me WHY I don't like kids, so I guess it doesn't much matter WHY anymore). So people tell me that kids will grow on you. OK, so mange grows on you too, and nobody thinks it's odd when a dog doesn't like mange. Nope, I don't have mange and I don't want kids either. So I ended up here at Blue Lion. I'm real smart and I'm very sweet with adults and with other dogs. Cats ... mmmm..... probably not so much. I am very food motivated and you can get me to do about anything (except like kids) for food. I'm about 6 years old and I've been spayed. I'd love to come live with you forever! We could have such fun!
clare bear
Clare Bear:
OK, so I'm Clare Bear and I am not sure what the heck has happened to me but my buddy and I got out of the yard; we were picked up as strays and our mom and dad came and took my buddy home but they left me at the shelter! I was pretty broken hearted but ... I'm a Boxer/Pit Bull mix and so I bounced back pretty fast and now I'm looking for a family that will really appreciate me as their one and only dog. I am with some other dogs now but I really would rather be an only dog as sometimes I just have this overwhelming need to slap the snot out of the other guy I live with. That being said, you need to know that when I'm out walking (or running) with you, I'm a lady and don't bother anybody else. I am spayed, would love to hook up with someone who needs a running buddy. I find 6' fences to be not much of a challenge, so you'll want to be sure I don't spend time alone in the yard. Call me and let's go for a run! I need somebody to look after!
Something missing in your life? Yep I thought so ... that missing something would be ME! I am the lovely Lady Tye and I am a spayed Great Dane mix with a great sense of fun. I love to be with my people, but I really strongly prefer that they not have little animals because they're not very substantial squeek toys and, if you've got me ... who in the world else do you need? I'm not as large as a Great Dane, but I'm a big girl, I'm very sweet, and I love attention. Typically I get along just fine with other big dogs, but you are going to want to feed us separately to avoid any food issues. Please give me just one little chance to show you what real puppy love is all about. You need me in your life!
"Ya musta been a beautiful BABY, 'cuz BABY look at me now!" Yep, I'm all that and a bag of chips! I'm a sweet girl, love people and boy am I a terrific mouser -- you'll never see another of those little snots running around ever, trust me on that! I'm a 8-9 year old American Staffordshire Terrier who lost my happy home in Denver because of the Pit Bull Ban. I'm such a neat girl! Although I'm not a team player with other dogs (= I need to be an only child), I'm great with people and I've got a ton of energy. I'm spayed and what in the world is not to love! You are going to have to remember that I need to really feel loved because I can get out of a 6' fence. Come visit me!!
Need a high styling princess with a sense of humor? Yeh? Then you need me!! I'm Nuchka, a sweet sweet Lab/Mastiff mix and my very favorite thing is to wear bandanas. I'm your classic "plug and play" dog ... I'm spayed, current on my shots, housetrained and very friendly with people. My owners didn't want to crate me and then were surprised as a puppy when I acted like a puppy in the house and pulled cushions off the couch and stuff like that. You know, if they wanted a rocket scientist, they should have gone to NASA instead of pulling me out of that shelter ... so anyhow, at the end of the day, they decided they liked their couch cushions more than me and I was sent packing. So I'm older now, and I'm crate trained, and I really really REALLY want m own family to love. I'm good with other dogs as long as they understand that Princess Nuchka runs the show ... and of course, you need to feed us separately. Call me and let's get together!
Well here I am, the original Action Jackson, or you can call me Jack. The good news is that I wasn't beaten in my last life, but the bad news is that my owner kept me on a chain and then he died. You would think his death would have ended my time on a chain, but that's not what happened at all. The neighbors were pretty weird -- it didn't occur to them to take me off my chain and give me a home -- heck no, they just came into the yard and fed me (which was very nice and I appreciated it) ... but took care of me like that for several months after the owner died and my chain became embedded in my neck and had to be surgically removed. That was not fun but I'm over it now and ready to go to a new home with my own people to love. I'm about 6 years old and I'm super affectionate, friendly and outgoing. I'm also a pretty big boy with a lot of enthusiasm for life so I need a strong owner who is willing to spend quality time working with me. I'm probably a Shepherd/Newfie mix, and I'm a smart boy who would be a truly amazing fellow if someone would work with me. You do need to know that I don't like other dogs because they teased me when I was on that chain. I don't know much about cats either but I suspect they'd be fun to chase. Trained, I'd be a great companion for someone who likes to hike in the mountains. I'm strong enough to help you carry things and I'm brave enough to keep you safe; here in Colorado, those are really good things. I do need an owner who is physically strong enough to work with me because I'm not mean, but I sure did learn how to pull on that chain. Please come and meet me. I'm a really nice guy and I'm waiting for the right person to take me home so I can learn new things and we can do fun stuff together.
I'm Lacy and I'm such a cutie. I'm about 6-7 years old and a happy Pit Bull mix. My claim to fame is my eyes -- one is blue and one is hazel/amber. I love to play and I get along well with other dogs. I am crate trained. I think I was probably a landscape designer in a previous life. Left alone outside, I sometimes have this overwhelming desire to dig, so if you don't want me to get involved in a backyard makeover, you'll want to crate me in the house if you're going to be away for awhile. The upside to me is that if you do have a landscape project going on and you need some help digging holes for the shrubs, I've got real potential to be your best assistant ever! Come on over and visit me and you're going to wonder how you ever got along without me!
mama pit Mama Pit:
Hello, I'm a 9 year old Pit Bull lady and was found doing the best I could for myself and my 7 pups. I was so good at taking care of my little ones that everybody just called me "Mama" and that name has stuck (BTW, I'm not Dozer's mom, but I love that little snot like one of my own). I'm now spayed and although I still have lots of energy, I have a more mature attitude about life. I'm not hyper, I like a good run but I won't go after another dog while running or walking with my person. I do like to see the rules of etiquette enforced and I want to be introduced before another dog comes into my fence. I sure like people, I'll get along with other dogs, and I would so love to spend the rest of my life in a kind and loving home. Please pick up that phone and "Call Mama" ...
isabelle Isabelle:
Hi I'm Isabelle and my previous owner claims I am a Fila Brasiliero ... and I don't remember my parents, but if I'm a Fila, I missed the DNA strand about temperament because I absolutely love everybody I meet, and I'm good with other dogs. It may be that I'm a Fila mix -- look at my picture though ... have you ever met a prettier girl? No? I didn't think so! I'm a real busy girl -- if the world could harness my energy, we wouldn't need to worry about oil shortages. Now, let me tell you about fences ... if you put me in one and ignore me, I'm gonna bark and maybe I'll go looking for somebody to play with, but I'm in a 6' fence here and I haven't tried to get out because I know I am loved and I like it here ... get my drift? My last owner put me on a chain to keep me in the yard, and I really hated that. Eventually they gave me up because two brain cells finally rubbed together and they decided that chain thing wasn't "fair" ... duh .. well, hello folks, welcome to the party. So that's the deal -- love me and I'll love you; make me know I'm loved and part of the family and I'll respect your fence. I'd prefer not to live with cats.