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Sniff, sniff, sniff….I think I sniff a new home coming my way! My name is Rufus and I am a one year old Bloodhound! Like any puppy, I need a little work….I’m a little shy at first but after a little bit, I’m a big LOVE Hound!I was given up by my first family because there was a divorce going on, My second family only had me for a few days and it turns out the hubby and little kid were allergic to me. So here I am at Blue Lion and Lisa says she’ll find me a home with people who will NEVER give me up! I get along great with other dogs but need to be fed separately as I think it’s “musical bowls” during feeding time and I go from bowl to bowl to bowl- even if others are eating out of them. I don’t get it that they don’t want to play that game too! I’m a rough and tumble kinda guy so little kids probably would get knocked over easily. And don’t leave me alone in the kitchen because Lisa says I’m the quietest counter surfer she’s ever seen! (I only get caught if I knock something on the floor- gotta work on that! LOL) I am neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. In other words I’m ready to go! So who has the time and energy to work with me and make me become the BEST dog ever?


So whaddya think? Am I movie star gorgeous or what? My name is Commander and I am a Tibetan Mastiff. They say I’m around 6-7 years old but Lisa says I act just like a puppy so she’s not buying the age detail. Nevertheless, I was given up by my owner because I bit a guy on the foot. Now before you go all crazy on me for biting, let’s back up a sec. Did I mention that it was a stranger who came into our garage? I proceeded to chase him up on top of the car and bit his foot. Heck, I’m a guardian breed- what do you expect? It really was a funny sight to see that guy scrambling to get away from me! LOL So I’m thinking that I may just get a steak for dinner (earning my keep don’tcha know) but instead I was taken to a shelter! Luckily, Lisa got me and now I’m ready for a new home! A permanent one this time! I am neutered and up to date on shots and I get along great with other dogs. In fact, I’d really like a dog or human to play with me. Now sometimes I get a little excited and jump on you but it’s all fun and games, right? So for all you people who know about the Tibetan breed, I may just be the guy for you!


Yeah I know, Beauty and the Beast …and you don't need to tell me who is the beauty….but you gotta think that I must be pretty special for this pretty lady to obviously love me so much! She's my foster mom and she says I'm pretty terrific! My name is Benito and it's anyone's guess what mix of breeds I am! But, really who cares? All that matters is that I'm only 3 years old, neutered and fully vetted. I'm a bit shy at first but very loving once I get to know you. I love other dogs and, in fact, I'd love to go to a home where I could have another dog buddy to play with. I haven't been tested with cats but that could be arranged. I walk well on a leash, am crate trained and am protective of my family. I have lots of energy and I love kids too! Am I amazing or what? Besides being kinda cute!


Man o man, if ever there was a misplaced dog, it would be me. What the heck is a Catahoula doing at a Mastiff rescue? Well, I'll tell you….Lisa got a call one day from another rescuer who, with her friend, wanted to rescue me from the kill shelter I was in. She told Lisa that they had given the shelter her name (without her permission, mind you) saying that I could go to Blue Lion. She said that they only needed a place for me for 2 weeks and then they would come get me. Lisa... was hesitant (and appalled that they had given the shelter her name without asking first) but this lady said "you know I would never stick you with a dog" so Lisa said "ok." Well, guess what? Do I really need to tell you the result? Yeah, those rescuers never came for me nor would they respond to all the e-mails and texts and phone calls Lisa made….so I've been here for quite awhile and I gotta tell you, it's time to move on. These Mastiffs are about the laziest dogs I've ever seen! Oh, they'll ramp things up if there's an intruder but most of the time they are like sloths soaking up the sun….Not me! I want to run all the time! We are bred to hunt but we can also do search and rescue as well as drug detection. Someone needs to give me a job! I'm a real sweetheart (I love to give kisses) but am dominant with other dogs. You know, I do that humping thing to show dominance but if the other dog just ignores me, I'm pretty ok with them. I'm around 3 years old and my name is Dexter. So who is gonna help me to blossom into the "Hula Hula" (that's what my Aunt Toni calls us) that I was meant to be?


I'm just an old gal who needs a home. My name is Lucy and I'm a senior girl and full of energy but…I have separation anxiety so I need a stay at home parent If you have to go somewhere, I'm very willing to go in the car with you! When I feel like I'm being ignored you will hear my operatic voice til you give me the attention I so richly deserve. Unfortunately it is my fault that I'm looking for a home. My former mom took me in from the shelter and all was good for awhile until I decided to go after the other female in the house. And being typical girls, once that bitchiness starts, it never ends… SOOOOOOOO……here's the good stuff about me… I am housetrained, spayed, super affectionate and loyal. I'm great with all people and my foster mom says I was even great with her granddaughter who is 2 years old! Oh yeah, I need eye drops and glucosamine every day too. Is there anyone out there who would consider giving me a forever home? I guarantee you will feel loved like you've never experienced before!


Ozzie must have been talking about me when he said there are some cupcakes here at Blue Lion. And boy am I a cupcake- like a chocolate one with mocha buttercream frosting topped with chocolate ganache! Get the picture? Yeah, I'm pretty special! I'm Keller and I'm a neutered 4 year old Neapolitan Mastiff. I'm kind of an alpha guy so all you people who have an alpha bitch at home who are swooning over my picture and saying "get him for me mommy!", forget it. I'm the head honcho. If you have a female submissive type, I'm ok with that. But I'm not sure how I'd be around some little "feeder dog" or cat. I'd probably be ok with older kids (you know those little kids like to pull your ears and ride you and stuff and that is just not my cup of tea). Another thing is that I'm a little standoffish at first (like any well bred Neo) but I warm up soon enough. Kinda like not kissing on the first date- I hold back a little til we get to know each other a bit more. But once that happens, I'll be yours forever.


Well if I ain't the "cat's meow" I don't know who is! My name is Francesca and I'm a young Neapolitan Mastiff who needs a forever home. My foster dad says that I'm just a puppy in a 3 yr old's body. I love to play and rough house. I love people but am not a huge fan of other dogs. Oh I've lived around a few but I have to be seriously supervised so it's just best if I'm the only pet. Don't worry- I'll keep you busy! Big kids would be ok but no really small ones...My foster dad says to tell you that I am leash trained, crate trained and VERY affectionate. And I'm also spayed and up to date on shots. So it's time for me to start training a new mom and/ or dad to play with me, feed me lots of treats and cuddle on the couch. Who is ready for me????


So whoever named me sure had a sense of humor. My name is Willow- seriously? Do I look like a "Willow" to you??? Nah, I didn't think so. "Willow" is a pretty girlie girl's name- so NOT me! But that's the way it is so I guess I'll live with it. I'm a 5 year old Neapolitan Mastiff who really needs a home. I'm just as sweet as can be with people but not so much with other dogs. I'm a little jealous. Oh, I don't go all psycho when I meet them- I just don't want to live with them. I want my mom and dad to spoil just me!!!!And, believe me, I know I'm not gonna win "Miss Neapolitan Mastiff USA" or anything- I've seen myself in the mirror- but sometimes you just gotta give an ugly girl a chance. We are FULL of personality! The only other thing is that I need some ointment put in my eyes a couple of times a day and I don't see too well. Other than that, I'm an easy keeper! I'm spayed and up to date on shots so all you need to do is e-mail Lisa and tell her you want Willow!


I'm baaaaaack......
Yeah I was adopted last year by a really great couple who had another dog and we did great. Unfortunately my mom and dad split up and since he's a fireman working 24 hour shifts, he couldn't keep me. What a bummer- I was really loving having a home of my very own. But now I'm back at Blue Lion and looking again to get a FOREVER home. By the way, my dad said I had been a perfect dog during the year I was with him. Anyway, I thought I'd give you my previous bio since it worked to get me a home last year. Here it is:
So Lisa hasn’t really been into Boxers before but now that Vera is here and she loves our breed, Lisa’s open to having some of us around. Probably because we’re smushy faced and have Mastiff attitude. Anyway, my previous owner called and said that she had an aggressive boxer she needed to surrender. She had adopted me from a shelter years before and then told Vera that I had bitten her kid 4 years ago but they were only deciding to give me up now! She said I was getting progressively worse and she was afraid of me. LOL! I can’t believe she said all that nonsense about ME!! So Lisa and Vera told them to bring me down. My “dad” and his mom brought me down to Blue Lion. My own mother didn’t bother to come to see where I’d be living or say “goodbye.” When we got there Lisa walked right up to us and handed dad a clipboard with paperwork, told him to fill it out and give her the leash. She and Vera were going to take me for a walk. Whoa…they just took control right then and there. I was thinkin’ there’s a new sheriff in town! They brought me back to where my dad was standing and Lisa said “couldn’t you bring me a challenge? He’s a piece of cake!” She couldn’t believe that my mom was afraid of me. Anyway, I went into a kennel for a few days. The first time Lisa came in to feed me I barked at her. Well she just told me to knock it off. Can you believe it? This chick doesn’t kid around! And, believe me, I did quit barking. A few days later Lisa introduced me to Vera’s Boxer family and they were all great! I’ve been living inside with them in Vera’s house and we are just one big happy family. I even get to sleep in bed with everyone! And, unlike some others who shall remain nameless, I allow Vera to shift in bed and then settle down again around her. Those others wouldn’t move if a bomb hit the place! Vera says I am the best trained out of all her dogs. So here’s the basics about me: I’m 6 years old, neutered, I like most other dogs, including males unless they are really dominant although on this property that hasn’t worked out so well for me. We can forget the story of how I went after Mack, a big Tibetan Mastiff because I thought I was bigger and badder…that really wasn’t such a smart move on my part. A minor momentary lapse in judgment…. ? But, like I said, for the most part, I get along with most other dogs. I’m leash trained although sometimes I pull if you let me get away with it- hey, a guy has to try! I need a dominant owner- one who doesn’t let me get away with stuff. I’m an incredible guy and very loving- MUST love kisses! Vera said she will only adopt me out to a family with older kids or no kids and it has to be the perfect home for me. So all you people out there that want a perfect Boxer (and who doesn’t???), contact Lisa and we’ll get this party started.


I know you want me, I know you want me, I know you want ME!!!! I’m Lyla and I’m a South African Boerboel. I’m 7 years old and would love a great home of my own. Like most Boerboels, I need a strong owner. Once I know we are a pack, I’ll be very affectionate and playful. I get along with other dogs too as long as we are introduced properly. Really, truth be told, I have no “issues” except for prey drive (no small animals please!) I’m just about perfect! My previous owner didn’t appreciate the perfection he had in his house because he got in a lot of trouble and went to jail for a long time. That’s how I ended up at Blue Lion. I live with a crazy Cane Corso so when people come over, I just let him act like the bad ass he thinks he is and stand by and watch people’s reactions! Makes me laugh every time! I have lots of energy and love to run so maybe I could find an active home without small kids? But do your research about Boerboels to see if I am the right fit for you. I am a guardian breed!


Yep, I’m all that and a jar of peanut butter as Vera likes to say. I’m Thor and I’m a Mastiff mix. Mixed with what you ask? Don’t know…my daddy was on the lam….Anyway, Vera was out in California picking up some dogs from shelters and she was asked to take me too. The shelter people said I was going to be put down that day if Vera couldn’t take me. Well, Vera wasn’t about to let that happen so she loaded me up and here we are. I’m a really sweet guy with a few “quirks.” First I don’t like other dogs. Probably no cats either. Second I dig which is great if you need a grave digger but not so much if you’re trying to keep me contained. I escaped once from the enclosure I was in and Lisa found me sitting right outside the fence. I wasn’t trying to run away- it’s just that fencing looks like jail to me which brings back memories of “we are going to put him down if you don’t take him.” So if you decide that you just can’t live without this handsome hunk of a boy, I’m going to suggest that for the times that you are gone and can’t take me with you, you put up a kennel with fencing on the ground (with dirt over it) so I can’t dig. That’s what Lisa did and I haven’t escaped since. Of course when you’re home I want to be inside with you. We could hang out and watch football and eat brats….I’d even watch girlie stuff if I have to but don’t mind me if I fall asleep watching something like figure skating. Lisa’s working with me on leash training but I’m a powerhouse so I really need a strong owner. The best thing about me aside from the fact that I’m so darn handsome is that I love people! Older kids would probably be really cool too! Give me a chance to be the dog you’ve always wanted. I won’t disappoint you!


So I know Emma’s been talking about me so I may as well introduce myself. I’m the infamous Meathead and I’m an American Bulldog mix. Does the name make sense now? So blah, blah, blah about how we were abandoned and such and the fact that I was stealing Emma’s food. She’s such a whiney baby. Not me! I’m on to bigger and better things. I’m still pretty young and have my whole life ahead of me- I’m not gonna focus on the past and be all needy like Emma. I’m only around 2 years old, up to date on shots and neutered. I want a home with someone who is pretty active and will play ball with me. I’ll even go running with you if you want. Then we can pig out on the sofa and watch tv. Sound good? I would prefer to be the only dog but if you have another like sized dog and are willing to feed us separately I could probably deal with that. Since I fancy myself a ladies man, I would only want to be paired with a female. And I suspect cats would be a no-no. Now I’m not positive on that but I’m just sayin’….Since Lisa doesn’t know if I was raised with little kids, she’s putting the kibosh on that too. Better safe than sorry she always says…So all you people who want a handsome dude to go do stuff with? I’m your man- contact Lisa about me.

Well, I am Greta the Presa Canario and I'm probably about 5 years old now. I'm a sweetie with my people but I am definitely a Presa and I am a dominant girl. I will do best as an only dog and my person needs to have an assertive personality and some exeprience with breeds like mine. I have so much potential to be the dog you will remember as the best dog you ever had -- I just need to find that special person who will appreciate me for who I am but help me know they are my leader. I'm hoping you will come visit me and give us a chance. Please?

I came from a shelter in Kansas where a breeder dumped a whole litter of us and that little shelter had no clue what we were and adopted us out ... and so then when we started growing up people brought us back to the shelter and most of us ended up at Blue Lion.


Yo people! I’m growing old here waiting for a new home! Tick tock, tick tock, time’s a wastin’! What are you waiting for? My name is Trudy and I am a mahogany Neapolitan Mastiff. I am nearly 5 years old and have never had a home of my own. I came to Blue Lion from a puppymill way back in 2009 and I'm still here! Waiting and waiting for someone to pick ME! All my brothers and sisters were adopted and even some of our parents but geesh...what's a girl gotta do to get a home? So let me tell you about me and we'll see if we can finally get this done. I'm kinda shy but a real lover when I get to know you. Except for not liking other dogs, I'm an easy keeper! Since I'm not exactly graceful , I would probably knock over small children and their running around might scare me a little so I'd do best with older patient kids or no kids at all. Now I'm not gonna lie, you're going to have to teach me to be the dog you want but I really want to please you so I can keep my forever home. I'd be happy just hanging out with you! How easy is that? Whaddya say????

I'm Bertha ... and no, I'm not one of the infamous Butt Sisters ... I'm Bertha the Presa Canario and it should tell you something when I tell you that the best day of my life was the day I was removed from my home because of neglect. The officers came and got me and I thought "Well, things have got to get better because at least I'm maybe not going to be bred again, or at least maybe not right away soon."

I had these awful bite wounds on my legs and head and the Humane Society was really worried about how to treat me ... me being one of those big bad Presa Canarios they write stories about and all, doncha know. So I just went belly up and asked for a good rub -- I figured "what the hell, if you're afraid to dress my wounds, maybe you'll rub my tummy." Well, that worked and, in fact, the people at the Humane Society were totally won over and were lining up to figure out how to help old Bertha get the hell outta Dodge.

So, long story short, I'm about 7 years old. I'm now spayed and healthy. I ADORE PEOPLE, SIMPLY ADORE THEM. I get alone fine with other dogs but I am a little OCD about being the teacher's monitor -- so when the alpha person at the house feels a need to correct any of the other dogs, I'm really big on being right there to provide back up because there is absolutely no way anybody is going to do anything stupid with my new meal ticket. Ain't gonna happen.

So, if you don't have any other dogs, or if you're good with having a big pretty girl watch your back and help you maintain order at your house ... you come on down to Blue Lion and tell Lisa that you have an appointment to meet Bertha. I'm waiting for you and ain't nobody gonna ever treat you as good as Bertha. I guarantee it.
Well, here I am again. People are such putzy creatures, I swear to you. OK, here's the deal. I'm Beefy and I'm a Mastiff Wannabe. I came to Blue Lion about 3 years ago and we all thought I was a Mastiff ... but then I quit growing at about 55 pounds (so would that make me the world's only Mini Mastiff??). So then I was adopted.

I went to a family that I just adored and I thought they liked me too. I got along fine with their other dog and with the new baby, but then they didn't crate me and I was a typical puppy and I felt it was important to add a few of my own designer touches to their house. Boy that did create a real stir with them. You cannot imagine how upset thse folks were ... and honestly, if they would have put me in a crate when they went out, it would never have happened. What the heck do people expect? I'm a dog, not a preschooler for heaven's sake!

So, long story short, here I am back at Blue Lion chasing my tail and waiting for someone with some common sense to come visit me. So ... I'm neutered, very friendly, about 3 years old, nobody has taught me much of anything and I would love to get some obedience training cuz I'm a real little smarty pants. I'm hanging in a kennel with Clare Bear who is a dog woman who knows her own mind ... and her mind is that she is gonna run things. OK, I like an assertive woman, and I can deal with that. She eats first and my bowl is next to hers but I like to let the old girl think she's really in charge, so I wait until she's done and there's always plenty left for me. I'm not currently housebroken but I swear to you it's only because nobody was willing to take the time to teach me ... I'll learn PDQ if you give me a chance.

Come on out to Blue Lion and let's discuss how I can add that special something to your life and you can take me home and we can be a happy family. Come on and meet me .. don't forget .. ask for BEEFY.
Well hello there ... I'm Ms Cricket and I'm a Pit/Boxer mix. I ended up in rescue because I don't like children (nobody has ever asked me WHY I don't like kids, so I guess it doesn't much matter WHY anymore). So people tell me that kids will grow on you. OK, so mange grows on you too, and nobody thinks it's odd when a dog doesn't like mange. Nope, I don't have mange and I don't want kids either. So I ended up here at Blue Lion. I'm real smart and I'm very sweet with adults and with other dogs. Cats ... mmmm..... probably not so much. I am very food motivated and you can get me to do about anything (except like kids) for food. I'm about 6 years old and I've been spayed. I'd love to come live with you forever! We could have such fun!
clare bear
Clare Bear:
OK, so I'm Clare Bear and I am not sure what the heck has happened to me but my buddy and I got out of the yard; we were picked up as strays and our mom and dad came and took my buddy home but they left me at the shelter! I was pretty broken hearted but ... I'm a Boxer/Pit Bull mix and so I bounced back pretty fast and now I'm looking for a family that will really appreciate me as their one and only dog. I am with some other dogs now but I really would rather be an only dog as sometimes I just have this overwhelming need to slap the snot out of the other guy I live with. That being said, you need to know that when I'm out walking (or running) with you, I'm a lady and don't bother anybody else. I am spayed, would love to hook up with someone who needs a running buddy. I find 6' fences to be not much of a challenge, so you'll want to be sure I don't spend time alone in the yard. Call me and let's go for a run! I need somebody to look after!
"Ya musta been a beautiful BABY, 'cuz BABY look at me now!" Yep, I'm all that and a bag of chips! I'm a sweet girl, love people and boy am I a terrific mouser -- you'll never see another of those little snots running around ever, trust me on that! I'm a 8-9 year old American Staffordshire Terrier who lost my happy home in Denver because of the Pit Bull Ban. I'm such a neat girl! Although I'm not a team player with other dogs (= I need to be an only child), I'm great with people and I've got a ton of energy. I'm spayed and what in the world is not to love! You are going to have to remember that I need to really feel loved because I can get out of a 6' fence. Come visit me!!
I'm Lacy and I'm such a cutie. I'm about 6-7 years old and a happy Pit Bull mix. My claim to fame is my eyes -- one is blue and one is hazel/amber. I love to play and I get along well with other dogs. I am crate trained. I think I was probably a landscape designer in a previous life. Left alone outside, I sometimes have this overwhelming desire to dig, so if you don't want me to get involved in a backyard makeover, you'll want to crate me in the house if you're going to be away for awhile. The upside to me is that if you do have a landscape project going on and you need some help digging holes for the shrubs, I've got real potential to be your best assistant ever! Come on over and visit me and you're going to wonder how you ever got along without me!
isabelle Isabelle:
Hi I'm Isabelle and my previous owner claims I am a Fila Brasiliero ... and I don't remember my parents, but if I'm a Fila, I missed the DNA strand about temperament because I absolutely love everybody I meet, and I'm good with other dogs. It may be that I'm a Fila mix -- look at my picture though ... have you ever met a prettier girl? No? I didn't think so! I'm a real busy girl -- if the world could harness my energy, we wouldn't need to worry about oil shortages. Now, let me tell you about fences ... if you put me in one and ignore me, I'm gonna bark and maybe I'll go looking for somebody to play with, but I'm in a 6' fence here and I haven't tried to get out because I know I am loved and I like it here ... get my drift? My last owner put me on a chain to keep me in the yard, and I really hated that. Eventually they gave me up because two brain cells finally rubbed together and they decided that chain thing wasn't "fair" ... duh .. well, hello folks, welcome to the party. So that's the deal -- love me and I'll love you; make me know I'm loved and part of the family and I'll respect your fence. I'd prefer not to live with cats.